To put it really simple: The Jelly Roll Men plays old school, low down blues - the way it's supposed to be played. Their live performances is a complete package! The right sound, the right look, attitude and the right feelin'! The band is one of few acts around who really plays the old stuff like this. They perform old classics and their original songs is also in the same style.


The band recorded their new album with award winning producer Little Victor and The Jelly Roll Men was signed to Rhythm Bomb Records! The album can be pre-ordered at They have worked with both Norwegian and international musicians on stage and The Jelly Roll Men is getting some serious attention these days. 


This is the real deal and they are on a mission to make sure that the alomst forgotten art of traditional blues will survive. 



The band:

Kent Erik "9Fingers" Thorvaldsen - vocals and harp.
Kai "The Russian" Evenstuen - drums

Thomas "Pee Wee Grim" Thorvaldsen - guitar and vocals

Ole Martin Røsten - upright bass 
Øyvind "Hollandale Slim" Stølefjell - piano and vocals  

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